What are the Adverse Effects of the Joe Proactive Diet?

The health benefits of the Joe Proactive diet is truly vast. But as with most health supplements and products, what are the potential side effects? As with any other supplement, including natural ones, side effects may result if taken in excess or incorrectly. There have been cases of liver damage as well as heart failure. Taking these supplements should be done cautiously, and should never be done without the guidance of a doctor.

The Joe Proactive diet comes in two main flavors. One is “Joe Original,” and the other is “Joe Proactive Plus.” When researching these two types of diet pills, there was quite a bit of concern about the safety of one over the other. The answer is that while it seems obvious to assume the higher the sugar content, or the higher the carbohydrate count, the higher the sugar, and the higher the carbohydrate, the higher the calories.

When you take the pills containing these ingredients, your blood will show high levels of insulin. This allows the body to use its own stored fat stores, rather than allowing it to convert those healthy carbs into glucose, which is a sugar. When this happens, your body loses water weight, leading to weight loss. If you take it a little too often, this can lead to heart disease, diabetes, or other type of heart problem. While many studies have been done on this particular product, most of them have been negative, and the health benefits seem to be minimal. How about trying CBD oil before or after workout?

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